Gynecomastia Shirts and Compression Vests

Gynecomastia shirts, often referred to as compression vests or chest binders are designed to sculpt the chest and reduce the appearance of man boobs. If you are looking for an instant confidence boost while you are losing chest fat naturally, then these shirts are great and remove the need for baggy shirts or slouching. These body hugging under garments are almost invisible under clothes and provide great support without being too tight.

There are quite a few manufacturers producing these vests and shirts, but I would recommend the Marena range of garments due to the fact they are made from a special fabric called F5. This medical grade fabric uses state of the art technology to solve the five common problems found with most gynecomastia shirts: Stretch, Softness, Moisture Management, Antimicrobial and Durability.


Stretch in gynecomastia garments is essential and you should look for a fabric with good elasticity. Compression shirts made with F5 have a much better balance of comfort and support than most fabrics. This means you don’t feel squashed and can move as well as if you were wearing a regular vest.


Softness is really important with one of these vests as you don’t want a scratchy fabric that will irritate your skin. F5 uses extra soft blended fibres which work by hugging the body like a second layer of skin, while still allowing you room to breathe.

Moisture Management

With F5 there are no issues with sweating, despite the fabric being so close to the skin. The fabric used in these gynecomastia shirts and vests allows moisture to escape while still letting air in. This allows you to stay cool without any risk of embarrassment from sweat or body odour.


Bacteria, molds and mildew can be a problem with compression vests and for this reason F5 has antimicrobial properties which inhibit their growth. This allows the fabric to smell and feel fresher for longer, even after extended periods of use.


Compression shirts made from F5 are designed to last a long time and can withstand up to 60,000 flexes. This means you don’t need to worry about it falling to pieces in the washing machine.