Herb Garden Pleasures – Growing Herbs Easily

If you do any amount of home cooking you will start to appreciate the handy pleasures a herb garden can add to your kitchen. A herb garden can be a simple container on a window sill with a few of the basic herbs people use in their cooking. Or it can be a special patch in the garden with room to grow all of the herbs you could ever need. They are easily dried and preserved and will keep a long time in air tight conditions. The important part is the seasoning it adds to food. Storing it in an air tight container after it is totally dry will add to the longevity of this flavoring. The longer you store it, the weaker the effect will be when it is added to recipes.

This is why a small window herb garden is often found in busy kitchens. It allows the cook to trim fresh herbs right off the plant as it is needed. You can not get it much fresher than that. Many fine restaurants will have their own gardens that junior chefs maintain as part of their daily duties. Many chefs would never consider preparing food with dried herbs. The average home cook is not quite as picky.

In herb gardening, the most important aspect of having an indoor herb garden is to have access to a sunny window. Grow an herb garden inside a house that has a lot of natural light.

You may only dedicate a part of your garden to a herb garden once every few years. If you harvest and preserve the herbs properly you will be able to produce enough to last several years with each crop you grow. If you choose to keep a smaller container on your window sill you will have the added pleasure of the aroma the growing herbs will produce.

Growing Herbs Easily

Growing herbs is a very easy thing to do. Almost anyone can propagate their favorite herbs in a small container on their window sill. Even if you are not a gardener by nature you may want to try growing herbs to have fresh for your cooking needs. The finest kitchens in the world will maintain their own herb gardens so as never to have to rely on dried or preserved seasonings. It is felt that herbs are best fresh and there is nothing fresher than right off the plant. The flavor is as rich and full as possible adding the finishing touch to each special recipe. A plate can even be garnished with whole fresh herb leaves for aesthetic appeal when served.

You will not need much space for growing herbs. In a household kitchen you may find long thing boxes on the inside of the windows that host herb plants. Most herbs will like a sunny window or may require some additional artificial grow lighting. The cook or gardener will want to be able to trim them often and keep them watered. If you let the herb plants go to seed you will loose some of the quality in the plant growth. With herbs you will want to encourage growth in the leaves and discourage energy being wasted on flower and seed production.

Selecting a few of the favorite herbs you use and then growing herbs in the kitchen will keep most kitchens well supplied with seasoning needs. If you take on a larger space in your garden for more herbs you may find you have far mare than you can ever use. This is fine if you do not mind drying and saving them for future use.

When designing an herb garden, decide which herbs to grow, find a place to grow them, and decide if they’ll be planted in beds or containers.